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    Hear what JP has to say about QuantumShift™:

    Jean-Paul Deveau
    Acadian Seaplants Ltd.
    Class of 2007

  • thumb-patrick-robinson.png

    Hear what Patrick has to say about QuantumShift™:

    Patrick Robinson
    Class of 2010

  • thumb-roberta-macgillivray.png

    Hear what Roberta has to say about QuantumShift™:

    Roberta MacGillivray
    The Filter Shop
    Class of 2010

  • thumb-charlie-maclean.png

    Hear what Charlie has to say about QuantumShift™:

    Charlie MacLean
    President & CEO
    ASL Print FX
    Class of 2006

QuantumShift™ Benefits

QuantumShift™ Accepts 40 of Canada's Top Entrepreneurs Each Year

QuantumShift™ is more than an executive development experience. It is for business leaders ready to shift a thriving enterprise to a whole new level of success by providing the opportunity to:

Step out of your business to challenge management assumptions and current business practices.
Return ready to optimize the full potential of your business with a formulated plan of action to simplify complexity, isolate key business issues and lead more effectively.
Recognize your leadership and achievements in the Canadian economy and your ability to launch your enterprise to new heights.
Enter into an exclusive long lasting peer-to-peer network of over 500 Alumni of QuantumShift.
Engage in professional development at regional events including an annual national Alumni conference, presenting the latest business trends, innovative thinking and notable speakers.